PourMor Triple 3 is an MDO concrete-forming plywood designed for exterior concrete-forming applications. If properly used and maintained, PourMor Triple 3 MDO will increase the number of pours per panel and reduce the cost per pour.

PourMor Triple 3 is manufactured with high-quality resin impregnated 333 concrete forming medium density overlay (MDO) on one or two sides. It has a facility-applied Nox-Crete release agent making it reusable and the edges are sealed to keep out moisture.

The core has layers of cross-laminated veneers that add strength and resist edge splitting. Metal bars or pry bars should not be used on plywood because they will damage the panel surface and edge. Use wood wedges, tapping gradually when necessary. Plywood’s strength, light-weight and large panel size help reduce stripping time. Cross-laminated construction resists edge splitting.


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