The system features a high capacity single stroke cylinder that climbs to the next level in only 20 minutes, while less brackets, anchors and overall parts and pieces result in faster cycling times with less labor.

More benefits include preassembly of both the internal and external platforms as well as increased safety and less crane time when installing the external suspended platforms.Another factor of the ACS-Core 400 is the trailing climbing brackets re-use the same two anchors from the leading working brackets during the climbing process. Reducing labor and embedded items which results in time, and cost savings on each level.

The hydraulic cylinders each have a 40-ton lifting capacity, enough to carry large concrete placing booms on top of the unit as well as the suspended external core formwork and working platforms. This is useful if the core climbs ahead of the rest of the building, eliminating the need for a separate external climbing system on the outside of the core.

Stripping the formwork is easy, specially developed shaft corners and stripping elements allow for easy manual striking with wedges or hydraulic striking with the push of a button of the inside formwork. The outside formwork simply rolls back on overhead gallows.

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