With repetition comes speed and skill. This also applies to setting and stripping forms. The more you work with the same configuration, the fewer errors you make, and the faster the job goes. In formwork, though, there's an added benefit; the repetition saves you a lot of money. Because labor alone accounts for up to 30 percent of concrete structural frame costs, reductions in man-hours can significantly reduce job costs. Cutting man-hours is a team effort by the designer and the contractor. DESIGNER'S ROLE The designer can do two things to make formwork more constructable: repeat design modules, and avoid irregularities in the shape of concrete. CONTRACTOR'S ROLE Contractors also can lower formwork costs by following these recommendations: design formwork for quality and safety; lay out a detailed work plan for forming activities; review formwork plan in relation to the whole project. Both the contractor and designer can reduce formwork labor costs by creating repetition on the job. This repetition increases productivity and job constructability, thus saving the owner money and increasing a contractor's profit.