Old billboards being used as tarps.
Repurposed Materials Inc. Old billboards being used as tarps.

Here’s a company that figures out interesting new uses for used materials. For example, once billboards come down, Repurposed Materials Inc. turns them into great waterproof tarps. Or used conveyor belts can become flooring in a site trailer, or protect grass or asphalt during construction. The entire product line is made of “repurposed” items. They say customers often ask whether repurposing makes more sense economically or environmentally? The answer is that it makes great sense both ways. Repurposing is not recyling but rather finding new uses for existing materials that still have value “as is” in a second, unrelated industry. In the slogan “reduce, reuse, recycle,” repurposing represents the reuse part of the equation. For more information, go to www.repurposedmaterialsinc.com.