Tracked Placing Boom - Con Forms
Thanks to its 370-degree track, the 16-meter 16-Z Spider provides the horizontal reach of a 20-meter boom truck in places a boom truck doesn’t fit. You also can remove the track and lift the boom into place to use as a stand-alone pump powered by on-board gasoline engine or 480-volt electrical supply. Opening height: 13 ft., 1 in. Articulation: four-arm Z-fold.

Truck-Mounted Pump - CPE America
A free-flow hydraulic (FFH) oil pressure system and agitator motors on both sides of the hopper ensure the 38-meter ECP38CX smoothly delivers 210 square yards per hour at 1,233 psi. Hopper’s auto-lubricating system minimizes parts abrasion. Vertical reach: 121 feet, 8 inches. Horizontal reach: 107 feet, 3 inches. Articulation: five-arm ZR-fold.

Truck-Mounted Pump - Liebherr USA
The 50 M5 XXT is the company’s largest truck-mounted pump, delivering 213 cubic yards per hour. Alternating pipework close to boom ensures uniform movements over the jobsite. Proprietary slewing ring and drive improve performance. All four XXT outriggers pivot for maximum flexibility on the jobsite. Vertical reach: 161 feet. Horizontal reach: 146 feet.

Drive-In Laser Screed - Ligchine International
At 1,100 pounds, the SpiderScreed works in upper decks as well as slab-on-grade applications. Three-wheel Versa-Drive system enables all-wheel, zero-turn, 90-degree horizontal, and lateral drive. Power-to-weight ratio of 55 pounds per horsepower allows lower slumps and cooler operation. Machine-leveling system ensures flatter floors and greater compaction than screed head-only leveling systems.

Midsize Boom Pump - Putzmeister America
The 51Z-5’s one-sided support system reduces outrigger footprint by 10 feet, enabling the 50-meter machine to access multistory buildings from smaller spaces. Ergonic 2.0 pump system and output control work together to reduce fuel consumption by up to 25% by optimizing pumping. Remote control is standard.

Truck-Mounted Pump - Schwing America
The S36 X’s “Revolution” boom provides continuous 360-degree articulation of the tip section, 330 degrees of articulation of the third section, and 115 feet of reach. Compact outriggers have 20-foot, 5-inch footprint. The 730-degree slewing range (365 left and 365 right) further enhances versatility. Standard 2025H-5 pump kit pumps 178 cubic yards per hour.

Remote-Control Hose Handler - Somero Enterprises
Armed with load-sensing variable-displacement hydraulics, the SP-16 Line-Pulling and Placing System reduces the number of people needed to lift and move rubber hose to two: one to run the puller (1,040 pounds) and one to run the placer (1,150 pounds). Steering options include two-wheel, four-wheel, and crab-style; unit automatically adjusts steering angle and realigns wheels to center. Remote control runs on AA batteries.