Hydraulic Saw
The direct-drive SAW 16 requires less maintenance than belt-driven alternatives and features an open cutting face that makes it easy to use.

Battery-Powered Saw
The 9-in., 60-volt MAX’s brushless motor achieves 6,600 rpm for fast single-pass cuts in concrete, steel, and rebar. Dual-sided water delivery system provides OSHA Table 1-complaint dust management.

Gasoline-Powered Saw
The K 770’s semiautomatic SmartTension system optimizes power transmission and minimizes wear by keeping drive belt in the correct tension.

Combo Cutter/Dust Collector
The 12-in. iQPC912’s built-in vacuum captures, filters, and sends 90% of dust into a chamber that holds 5 lbs.

4-Stroke Gasoline Saw
Piston failure from improper fuel and oil mixing is one of the most common failures of 2-stroke gasoline-powered equipment.

Safe Saw
The TS 440 Cutquik’s cutting wheel stops rotating within fractions of a second if kickback occurs.

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