The model combines the compact size of the Aqua Cutter 410A and the innovative mast system of the Aqua Cutter 710V, giving it versatility to work in tight spaces with extended reach in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications. The 410V’s design makes it suitable for a wide variety of concrete removal tasks, such as renovation and bridge and road repair.

The 2,756-pound Aqua Cutter 410V uses 15,000- to 40,000-psi water jets to remove as much as 9 cubic feet per hour of concrete. Contractors adjust the robot’s stroke to control the depth of cuts, and vary the water pressure depending on whether they are removing loose, deteriorated concrete from the sound concrete below, or sound concrete to a pre-determined depth. The remote communicates with the robot’s wheeled power control module. Contractors can remove the module from the tracked portion to reduce the crawler to a third of its original size and create an even more compact robot. This provides the ability to drive the crawler into tight and inhospitable environments, such as small tunnels and flooded sewer pipes, while the module remains connected via a cord.

The 410V robot fits into Aquajet Systems’ 23-foot Power Packs. These large metal containers include a high-pressure Hammelmann pump, large capacity engine and control system, along with a storage area for the robot, making for easy transportation to and from the jobsite and a secure location for the duration of the job.

The 410V features electric power and is compatible with Aquajet Systems’ line of accessories, such as rotolances and circular power heads, as well as spines and frames. Contractors can also choose the Aqua Cutter 410V Tunnel Kit, specifically designed for tunneling work. The kit features automatic detection and the ability to adjust the distance to the tunnel surface. This makes it very easy to operate in uneven tunnel shapes or oval tunnels.

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