The 3600 paver offers a variety of paving widths ranging from 8 to 86 feet. Extremely flexible, it paves both standard duty slab-on-grade and bridge deck paving projects to increase machine utilization. Its standard 18-foot end segments offer 15 feet of leg travel, so the paver can instantaneously offer up to 30-foot variable width paving.

The 3600 paver features the patented Rota-Vibe system where its 11.5-inch-long roller generates up to 5,000-vpm vibration to effectively consolidate the top 2.5 inches of the slab, reducing the chance for chemical penetration through the surface down to the rebar.

Extremely adaptable to jobsite conditions, the 3600 offers several different leg options: an exclusive swing leg design for zero clearance; pivot legs for paving at cross slops greater than 4%; and a heavy duty design that offers up to 47 inches of hydraulic raising/lowering to assist with machine grade set-up.

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