The TwinTier RB401TE is the world's only cordless rebar tying tool designed exclusively for slab work. No more bending to tie miles and miles of slab. This tool allows users to simply stand-up and tie, with no strain on their backs. The adjustable handle can be modified to suit varying user heights. Simply push down on the contact trigger to form a strong and secure tie on #3 x #3 up to #6 x #6 rebar combinations.

At 3 1/2 ft. tall, ironworkers tying slabs of rebar for various applications no longer have to bend over to tie. This lightweight 11 lb. cordless rebar tying slab tool can form a tie in less than 1 second. To accommodate t he heights of various end users, the tool height can be changed by adjusting the handle position of the tool. End users can tie rebar by simply placing the tool mouth into rebar cross section and pushing down. A built-in tilt censor prevents tying after the tool is angled above a horizontal position to prevent accidental tying (i.e. when an end user is trying to remove a wire jam).

C3228 / O31458