On the job where profits are measured in time, conventional levels make you work long and hard. ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 High Precision Altimeter lets you focus on your work rather than the tedious task of measuring your work…it works the way you think.

The revolutionary ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 is a high precision altimeter that not only levels but reads elevations in unmistakably clear digits. Savings start with the two second set up and five second pack up time so there is no excuse to avoid checking a critical measurement. A press of the Measurement Module Zero key anywhere within the 40-foot vertical set up range sets an infinite size level benchmark plane. ZIPLEVEL adapts to you rather than making you adapt to a laser with a rod and sensor. You can instantly level or adjust forms by yourself for true one man operation. Elevations are displayed directly in your favorite scale with positive digits above and negative below your benchmark up to 0.005 inch paper thin precision without math or line-of-sight. Because ZIPLEVEL technology is immune from tilted level plane problems, there is no need for factory calibration and no error with distance. In fact, ZIPLEVEL’s powerful Carry Function lets you measure over any distance or elevation on earth, from paper thickness to the height of a mountain without error-inducing tabulation or math.

ZIPLEVEL replaces rotary lasers as the World’s fastest, easiest, most powerful, precise, and only pressurized bubble free level. Now, you can unpack in two seconds, and truly work alone with paper thin precision over unlimited ranges without line-of-sight, distance error, factory calibration or math and pack up in under five seconds.

The jobsite rugged ZIPLEVEL has 16 powerful built-in functions, a built-in serial port to your smart device and operates from -22F to +158F for up to a year of daily use on one 9V battery. Uses: Estimating, Excavating, Setting Forms, Building, Inspecting and Repairing. Our new High Precision capability is finding its way into industrial plant layout and inspection, shop fabrication and structural analysis. ZIPLEVEL has become the de facto standard for floor settlement measurements and is found in all phases of construction worldwide. Easy, Fast, Rugged, Powerful, Proven, Made in USA. Cut costs, boost profits and join the measurement revolution!

Visit ZIPLEVEL booth #C4142 in Central Hall for a free demo and $100 Instant Rebate when you purchased any new ZIPLEVEL at the show.

Vote ZIPLEVEL for MIP. Visit www.ziplevel.com or call Technidea Corporation at 800-805-5383 for more information.

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