The new Simpson Strong-Tie Adhesive Piston Plug Delivery System offers a reliable, time-saving and easy-to-use method for dispensing adhesive into drilled holes for threaded rod and rebar dowel installations at all orientations and at deep embedments.

The ten models of adhesive piston plugs are sized to provide a matched tolerance fit with the drilled hole. The barbed fitting on the end of each piston plug ensures a secure fit to the flexible tubing (PPFT25) that attaches directly to the static mixing nozzle. The relatively tight tolerance fit between the piston plug and drilled hole virtually eliminates the formation of air voids during adhesive dispensing. The flexible tubing is available in 25-foot-long rolls that can be cut to the required length.

The ten models of adhesive retaining caps are drill bit/drilled hole-diameter specific and are used when performing installations varying in orientation from horizontal to vertical overhead, and are intended to prevent adhesive from flowing out of the drilled hole prior to complete cure.

The piston plug system is suitable for use with Simpson Strong-Tie AT-XP, SET-XP, ET-HP, AT, SET and EDOT anchoring adhesives. The Adhesive Piston Plug Delivery System incudes pre-packaged piston plugs, flexible tubing and adhesive retaining caps.

Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc.

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