Phoscrete is a fast-setting, easy to use concrete repair material that bonds to concrete both chemically and mechanically, sets fast even in cold weather and delivers outstanding performance on jobs large and small.

Benefits include:
Rapid Return to Service
Within one hour following placement, Phoscrete attains high compressive strengths, allowing the surface to be opened to heavy duty rubber tired traffic.

No Cold Joints Because Phoscrete chemically bonds to existing poured concrete, partial depth repairs achieve faster results.

Zero Shrinkage Cracking Phoscrete Binder System responds to occurring strains by tensile deformation and does not crack.

Freeze/Thaw Resistant Repairs are highly resistant to freeze/thaw cycling and drastic weather changes.

Heat Resistant Resist continuous operating temperatures above 500ºF and intermittent temperatures above 1500ºF

Stops Rust On contact, Phoscrete converts iron oxides (rust) to metal phosphates, eliminating existing rust from reinforcing steel, and inhibiting further corrosion.

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