Effective at reducing shrinkage-induced cracking by up to 90%.

Premier CPG’s cement additive PREVent-C allows users to meet and exceed the most stringent concrete shrinkage requirements, as well as improve the overall durability and life expectancy of concrete.

The effectiveness of PREVent-C is achieved by combining two widely-used technologies. By blending expansive components with pore water surface tension reduction, you can successfully defend against both autogeneous and drying shrinkage cracks. The result is less repair work, less headaches, less liability along with an improved construction sequence, improved durability, and better defense against ingress of water and chemicals.

Prevent-C Admixture
• decreases/eliminates crack repair time and cost
• reduces maintenance costs
• benefits thin sections and overlays
• allows for extended joint spacing
• shortens construction timeline
• increases expected concrete service life

Premier Magnesia LLC Construction Product Group

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