Bar Lock couplers are effective when used as a positional coupler when the rebar is fixed in place or when the rebar is free to rotate. The couplers utilize lock-shear bolts and serrated grip rails too mechanically splice the rebar. The serrated grip rails are embedded in the rebar as the lock-shear bolts are tightened. The heads of the lock-shear bolts are designed to shear off at a prescribed torque to ensure proper installation.

Rebar sizes #4 (13mm) through #18 (57mm)
Available in plain, epoxy coated or galvanized finish
Quick and easy installation
No bar end preparation
Installation at the job site
Used in tension, compression and seismic applications

D250 and D250XL Bar-Lock Couplers are available in a wide variety of sizes in plain, galvanized, and epoxy-coated finishes.

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