The E-Slide Watertight Joint is a patent-pending all-in jointing solution, which covers all functions of expansion and construction joints for concrete industrial floors with an additional watertight characteristic.

The elementary function of a joint is to take up the shrinkage of the concrete and to protect the concrete edges in a durable way and to control the dynamic and static load transfer.

The shrinkage of the concrete will be taken up by free horizontal movement of the joint. Because of such shrinkage and the geometry of the joint, the joint creates ideal conditions for optimal dynamic and static load transfer, while simultaneously activating the incorporated waterproof solution.

The load transfer is realized by the typical Omega shape connection in combination with the patented three-dimensional anchorage system. The dynamic load transfer is leveled up with a sliding effect thanks to the Sinus shape of the upper lips of the joint. This Sinus shape of the joint and the concrete ensures continuous support for passing wheels, regardless of the direction or the size and shape of the wheel. The permanent contact between the wheel and the concrete floor creates a smooth and noiseless dynamic load transfer, resulting in users experiencing a feeling of no joints in the floor.

The innovation lies in creating a watertight solution by combining the geometry of the joint, compressible watertight foam and the inevitable shrinkage of the concrete.

The water resistant characteristics of this solution are present in three levels. The Omega connection and its two horizontal shapes in the floor serve as a first and second barrier, through which the seepage of the water is slowed down or already even stopped. In fact, any liquid must pass an almost impossible way throughout the Omega shape with two horizontal barriers. The opening between these two horizontal steel plates and the concrete is so tight that penetration and passing of water or other liquids is almost not achievable. In the unlikely case water or any other liquid would pass the first upper horizontal barrier, the challenge starts again by the second lower horizontal barrier.

A third and final water stop is created at the bottom by two sealing watertight foams. These two sealing watertight foams are installed in two L-shaped steel plates and these foams will compress because of the shrinkage of the concrete.

Nowadays, a concrete industrial floor faces more and more environmental and ecological requirements. One of these requirements is to prevent the seepage of liquids, such as fire extinguishing water, wastewater or chemicals , in the subsoil in case of calamities or even by daily use.

Until today, traditional construction joints could not bring an adequate and solid solution. However, with the e-slide joint, HCJ brings an economical and efficient solution by extending the existing functions of the joints with waterproof protection.

The E-Slide joint is available in natural steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel, with waterproof protection as an option.

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