AU-1 is formulated with advanced resins to be one of the only water based sealants designed for exterior construction joints. Its innovate formulation results in superior adhesion by bonding at the molecular level to concrete, metal, glass, coatings, and most common building substrates.

The AU-1 sealant is designed for the highest performance exceeding ASTM C-920 standards. Achieving 800% elongation without plasticizers, AU-1 is the most flexible water borne sealant in the market. It is paintable and will never bleed through the paint finish or create tacky surfaces, making it very resistant to dirt pickup. The AU-1 formula will never stain or discolor substrates.

The sealant has outstanding UV resistance and maintains high elasticity and adhesion in all climates even after years of exposure. It is VOC compliant nationwide including all CARB and SCAQMD requirements. No mixing or priming is required, saving time and labor costs. The sealant cleans up with soap and water requiring no solvents further reducing jobsite VOC’s. There are no issues with attacking high PH substrates or causing corrosion on metal surfaces. It is ideal for both interior and exterior applications including tilt-up joints and window and door perimeters.

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