NITROcrete is an admixture for concrete cooling. The nitrogen application system cools concrete at a fraction of the cost, without the hassles and liabilities of other methods. No more ice, midnight pouring, dangerous and imprecise equipment, or changing mix designs. Through in-house engineering and research, Peak Innovations has developed a systemic solution.

Current industry processes around cooling concrete present unnecessary risks that increase company liability in both labor and cost. NITROcrete's approach eliminates human error that causes injury while also increasing productivity, batch times, and precision. Using patented technology along with equipment and chemical expertise, the NITROcrete Delivery System removes the hassle and profit loss that comes from unworkable slumps — without sacrificing water-to-cement ratios. NITROcrete has a slower cement hydration stabilization, a more stable slump, and a longer finishability which gives concrete producers improved quality and ease of work.

The NITROcrete system extends the abilities of batching machinery with in-house design and software, and by cooling the aggregate mix before the product enters the truck. This process ensures the mix is cooled throughout. The turnkey system is delivered to site with the tank, plumbing and dispensing head included. With this, NITROcrete installs and operates within the current batch plant. All that’s left to do is turn it on and start cooling concrete.

With our enhanced precision -- forged from years in the purpose-built batch plant manufacturing world -- NITROcrete customers are pushing architectural boundaries on high specification projects. These feats of concrete design prove that this cryogenic technology gets the job done without compromising quality.

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