PrimXComposite is a concrete flooring system that works to eliminate joints to produce stronger slabs. With this product, slabs can be made thinner and stronger, resulting in less concrete required for placement and increased load capacity. Combining steel fiber technology and two types of admixtures, the system controls cracking and adds structural value to concrete.

PrīmXComposite is placed following a strict quality assurance process, with critical data captured in the proprietary Prime Quality iOS-based system. This continuous monitoring and reporting produces consistent results throughout placement. The data is analyzed both by the on site team and European Engineers in real time.

The raw materials for PrīmXComposite are available in most every market. The system uses local ready-mix concrete combined with the proprietary admixtures at the batch plant and jobsite. The admixtures include a superplasticizer, called PrimXFlow, a shrinkage compensating admixture called PrimXDC, and high steel fiber dosages.

Mixing stations at jobsite pump admixtures into the ready-mix truck and blow the steel fibers into mix, producing the patented application. The average daily pour is approximately 40,000 square feet. The slabs are wet-cured for 14 days, but can be loaded with equipment and lifts within 72 hours.

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