Eucon Baracade WPT is a water repellent admixture for concrete based on a unique silicone polymer-based emulsion technology, effective in protecting poured and precast concrete where harsh exposure and/or decorative appeal are of concern. As the concrete sets, the pores and capillaries within the concrete are lined with water repellent components. This makes the concrete resistant to low-pressure permeability, or moisture “wicking", which reduces the potential for surface scaling, spalling, and other weather- related damage. For decorative, integrally-colored concrete this wetting resistance promotes faster drying. As a result, efflorescence potential is reduced and color vibrancy is preserved.

Typical Applications:

  • Driveways, patios, sidewalks
  • Architectural precast concrete
  • Decorative, integrally colored concrete


  • Resists freeze-thaw degradation
  • Resists deicing chemical attack
  • Preserves color vibrancy
  • Reduces potential for efflorescence

Additional Features:

  • Has minimal effect on other concrete properties
  • Is consistent throughout the mix
  • Becomes a permanent part of the concrete matrix
  • Extends the service life of exterior concrete
  • Maintains surface integrity & visual appeal

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