JAG:XL is an adjustable multi-purpose hand clamp with an attachable size-adjuster that can fit anywhere between 5/8 inches to 5.5 inches. This product is the big brother to the 2017 Experts Choice MIP winner, Jagclamp. When working with solid brick or block, Jagclamp would not fit, until now. Whether you're laying block, brick, or building fences and decks, JAG:XL will fit on the materials necessary to lay a straight line every time. The JAG:XL saves you on expensive downtime, which increases production and profits.

Without JAG:XL, builders rely dangerous wood blocks or metal line stretchers to hold lines down. Many times these items come loose, putting workers at risk. Fencing and decking contractors also use nails and pins to hold string lines down. These can come loose and split the wood, damaging the finished look. JAG:XL is designed to hold the line without causing problems.

A pair of JAG:XL will save contractors from purchasing 4-inch to 12-inch line stretchers, line pins, line twigs, wood blocks, adjustable line stretchers, and more.

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