Multi Component Admixture
Multi Component Admixture

Multi component powdered admixture for the production of ultra-high performance GFRC, RPC, and ECC Concrete.

Trinic GFRC Admix takes the hassle out of making ultra-high performance Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Reactive Powder Concrete, and Engeineered Cementitiuos Composite Concrete. It’s easy to understand and dose, simplifying what can become an overly complicated process.

Multi component powdered admixture simplifies the production of GFRC, RPC, and ECC, no more mixing and matching several different admixtures at different dosage rates to produce high performance GFRC, RPC, and ECC.

Eliminates the overnight shipping costs, foaming, and moldy product problems associated with liquid polymers.

Contains a high quality UV stable micro polymer specifically designed for GFRC production, eliminates the need for a 7 day wet cure.

Anti-foaming agents eliminate pinholes.

Dispersing and wetting agents improve color dispersion, intensity, and stability resulting in better color “pop”.

Contains specialized additives for water reduction.

Anti-shrink agents eliminate surface crazing, bowing, and curling.

Closes the internal capillaries within the GFRC matrix leading to a denser, more acid and stain resistant concrete.

Mixes faster than traditional GFRC, less cement clumps, more homogeneous mixes even with less than ideal mixers.


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