Pecora XL Perm Air, Vapor and Water Barrier System (PRNewsFoto/Pecora Corporation)
Rick Urbanowski Pecora XL Perm Air, Vapor and Water Barrier System (PRNewsFoto/Pecora Corporation)

Pecora introduces the XL-Perm Air, Vapor, and Water Barrier System, consisting of fully engineered and compatible products that work in tandem to provide complete protection for your building envelope.

The easy, four-step solution assures continuity of weatherproofing barrier systems.

Step 1:Pecora XL-Flash STPU Fast Curing Liquid Flashing and Joint Filler
A unique one part, fast curing, non-sag elastomeric STPU gun grade, trowelable liquid flashing and joint sealant specially formulated for the air and vapor barrier industry.

Step 2:Pecora XL-Perm ULTRA VP Fluid Applied STPU
Applied in a single coat via airless sprayer or roller, this durable elastomeric weatherproofing membrane provides two to three times the coverage of other fluid applied products. XL-Perm ULTRA VP has excellent elasticity and crack bridging capabilities contributing to a seamless, durable, and airtight building envelope. It can also be used on damp substrates and green concrete.

Step 3:Pecora AVB Silicone Sealant/Adhesive
Designed as an integral component for transition seals between dissimilar materials in air and vapor barrier systems, offering superior green strength.

Step 4:Pecora XL-Span 100% Silicone Extruded Transition Membrane
Air and watertight barrier at transitions between building façade components.

All of the products in the Pecora XL Perm system, when used together according to manufacturer's guidelines, achieve 100% compatibility, wet or dry.

Complete system testing was done using an assortment of air, vapor and water barrier materials to ensure quality. According to Alan Johnson of Streamline Waterproofing & Caulking, contractors will be pleased with the results. "We've used Pecora on a number of projects over the years and are confident in the quality of their products. When we were able to use the new XL-Perm for the first time I was impressed with how easy the system was to work with to provide a complete weather barrier. We will definitely recommend using it on future projects."

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