Compresses the Construction Schedule!

Installing AC•Tech 2170 Vapor Reduction Systems with its patented Go Early Technology three-to-five days after a concrete slab has been poured, adds unique benefits to the project. By doing this, work crews are able to get on the freshly cured subflooring quicker… and therefore, finish the job way ahead of its projected schedule. They then have more time for more work moving forward.

Additionally, application of this product prevents the slab from curling or cracking. This means that there is less preparation needed prior to the final flooring being installed. It also eliminates the need and subsequent expense of concrete finishing, saving precious time in doing so.

According to Dawn Parnoff, AC•Tech Executive Vice President, "This space-age technology cannot be ignored. It enhances the durability of the concrete slab by providing a topcoat that is resistant up to 14,000 PSI. Ultimately, because this practically eliminates any construction damage, the possibilities of having to spend annoying time and dole out unplanned expenses for remediation virtually disappear. Most importantly," Parnoff continued, "Go Early Technology allows EVERY trade involved to get to task sooner, speeding up EVERY process!"

There are even more benefits: 2170 Vapor Reduction Systems with Go Early Technology ensures slab cleanliness with a non-porous surface - disallowing cutting oil stains to react to adhesives leading to floor failure. Being applied before walls are erected ensures that the entire slab will be protected from moisture, and that there will be no possible mold or mildew beneath the walls.

Compatible with most all finished flooring and coating systems, 2170 Vapor Reduction Systems with Go Early Technology provide architects, contractors and end-users peace of mind by offering a 15-year material & labor warranty. "It's value-engineering at its best!" concluded Parnoff.


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