Keep your eyes open for the Most Innovative Products desktop displays at World of Concrete once again. There are 99 MIP entries this year.

They represent the cutting-edge products the concrete industry has to offer, ranging from Masonry Materials to Business Tools, and from Construction Supplies to Demolition & Repair. On the following pages, we have highlighted categories that producers will be especially interested in, including products producers can sell to contractors.

Visit for a complete list of all of the products and to vote for your favorites. Of course, don't forget you can vote by text message at the show, Feb. 3–6 in Las Vegas, also. Booth numbers were correct at time of publication.

Concrete Delivery

Portable Washout System

The trailer-mounted, self-contained Contractor's Portable Concrete Washout System allows contractors to wash concrete tools and wash out ready-mix truck chutes and concrete trailer pumps, keeping jobsites free of concrete washout water contamination. Easily towed by a pickup truck, it includes a patent-pending strainer that separates water from the waste concrete, pumping it back into the water tank for reuse as washout water. On Site Washout Corp. 831-458-2007. booth #N2621

Power Train Protection

The Power Train Saver protects trucks from over-torque damage. Installed into the existing drive shaft, it works on a system of three shear pins called torque fuses that are engineered and tensile-tested to precisely shear just before the power train breaking point. When over-torque occurs, the torque fuses shear, preventing damage to the drive shaft, axles, gears, and differentials. Sonnax Industries. 800-843-2600. booth #C7790

Concrete-making Materials

Lightweight Additive

Elemix concrete additive consists of innovative polymeric spheres specially formulated for use in concrete. Distributed uniformly, it's lighter weight, improves energy efficiency by decreasing thermal conductivity, and enhances durability in structural and nonstructural applications. Its closed cell honeycomb-like interior allows concrete to absorb energy, reducing cracking and improving energy efficiency. Syntheon Inc. 412-490-4789. booth #S21405

Concrete Production Equipment

Compact Mixer

The Liebherr Compactmix, designed for easy retrofitting into existing concrete batch plants and providing new cement, aggregate, and water batchers, comes with a 1.3-cu. yd. Liebherr pan mixer. Existing cement silos, screws, and aggregate storage bins can be easily integrated, allowing the producer to modernize current production equipment at minimal cost. Steel components are hot dip galvanized. Liebherr Concrete Technology Co. 866-879-6312. booth #N425

Inspection Platform

The patent-pending Slump Master III Safety Inspection Platform provides safe and convenient access for checking concrete slump, adding fiber additives, and washing trucks. A hands-free, pivoting walkway with a multi-torsion spring mechanism automatically lowers, raises, and locks the pivot deck as workers walk on and off. It is constructed with galvanized steel, meniscus fiberglass decking, and sand-infused fiberglass stairs for a permanent grit surface. C&W Manufacturing and Sales. 800-880-3878. booth #N447

Planetary Mixer

The Simem Xentrix planetary mixer's main drives are moved out to permit central charging of cement, admixtures, and water from the top for improved mixing performance and optimal concrete quality. Water and cement are introduced in the center of the mixer for quick dispersion and shortened mix time. Modular interchangeable parts allow quick changes. Simem America Corp. 877-333-9924. booth #N1551

Concrete Reclaimer

Two ready-mix trucks can discharge simultaneously into the LRS 708 concrete reclaimer, which cannot be overfilled and reclaims up to 29 cu. yd. of returned concrete per hour. It is installed on ground level and requires no special foundations or ramps for operation. Fully automatic controls are standard. It can easily be added to an existing batch plant at minimal cost. Liebherr Concrete Technology Co. 866-879-6312. booth #N425