WebClock… The newest innovative addition to the AboutTime remote data collection solution, allows employees to clock IN/OUT and choose job or project and task assignments from any device (PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet) anywhere they can log into a web browser. With the AboutTime WebClock, the need to install and maintain any device software is completely eliminated and allows mobile employees to clock in from wherever they are working. The AboutTime WebClock has also provided a very simple tool for office employees and management personnel to have a convenient method to log their time from their desk, without the need to carry an additional device. WebClock makes it even easier for companies to collect all of their payroll and job costing information through one simple process, without duplicate entry. Keeping the AboutTime solution “Simple in the field” has been a top priority at AboutTime for over a decade.

Using the WebClock is as easy as counting to three. One; The employee simply logs into the WebClock internet portal from any web connected device, Two; they enter their email and secure password, and Three; they choose their location and task and they are ready to work. Providing a simple solution for tracking ALL of your company’s labor and productivity adds to your company’s return on investment by increasing productivity and decreasing unnecessary time spent on managing, approving, and ultimately processing inaccurate payroll data. While being simple in the field is critical to AboutTime’s customers, it is our powerful integration technology that ultimately sets AboutTime apart. With the AboutTime WebClock, not only will you get On-Demand reporting to let you know how your tasks are progressing in Real-Time, but you have the ability to ultimately land that information directly into your accounting or payroll system, without manual entry.

With AboutTime’s industry leading integration into over 100 accounting, job costing and estimating systems, AboutTime’s WebClock provides the ability for all of your employees to log their time into their specifically assigned jobs, phases, cost codes and budgets. When an employee clocks out with WebClock, tasks completed are compared against budgeted hours and production, letting you know exactly where the company stands on a project, at any given time. This capability provides unmatched visibility into the financial impact of all labor costs within the organization, in real-time. Providing up to the minute, accurate information allows executives, management, and all field supervisors to make real-time decisions and even adjustments on jobs and projects before small issues can potentially become much larger problems. You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

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