To better meet the specification preferences for trucking fleets throughout North America, power management company Eaton has expanded its lineup of Fuller Advantage Series transmissions to deliver weight savings and fuel efficiency improvements available on nine new models. They include:

• Three manual transmissions with new direct drive gear ratios. • Two automated models with new direct drive gear ratios.
• Four automated transmissions with new overdrive ratios.

All of the Fuller Advantage Series automated 10-speed transmissions, which feature a precision lubrication system that eliminates the need for an oil cooler, are available for delivery to all North American truck makers. “S” (Small Step) ratio models, with fuel-efficient shifting between 9th and 10th gears, are rated up to 80,000 GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating) only. The remaining models (direct and overdrive) will be rated up to 110,000 GCWR at the end of April this year.

The precision lube system on Eaton Fuller Advantage Series transmissions reduces the oil churn energy losses found in traditional transmissions by nearly 33 percent. With less heat being generated the transmissions do not require a cooler, corresponding lines and fittings resulting in cooler system maintenance becoming obsolete. An oil level sight glass allows for routine oil checks to be performed at a fraction of the time typically required.

Additional weight savings have been achieved by replacing cast iron with aluminum for the shift bar housing (manual models), auxiliary section cover and range cylinder. Exact weight savings are dependent on the make of truck purchased as cooler weights vary by the cooler manufacturer.


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