Rotary hammer kit

The 18V LXT lithium-ion cordless rotary hammer kit, model BHR241, is designed for speed, power, and comfort. Its shock absorbent D-handle design protects the battery housing by reducing vibration. Three modes of operation include rotation only, hammering with rotation, or hammering only. The kit includes two lithium-ion batteries, 30-min. rapid optimum charger, depth gauge, side handle, and bag.

Makita USA. 800-462-5482.

Lift and reach

The Snorkel T46JRT self-propelled telescopic boom lift with a 6-ft. jib delivers a platform height of up to 46 ft. and outreach of 40 ft. The boom can be extended and raised to full height in 35 seconds. A spacious platform cage measuring 8 x 3 ft. can be entered from three sides. The lift has front and rear oscillating axles, four-wheel drive and ground clearance of more than 14 in.

Snorkel International, Inc. 800-255-0317.

User-friendly angle grinder

The WP8-115 Quick 4½ angle grinder handles rugged jobs with 800 watts of power. The lightweight, ergonomic grinder has a non-locking paddle switch for added safety and a side handle that absorbs up to 60% of the tool's vibration. Its dust protection system includes an encapsulated on/off switch, auto-stop carbon brushes, and a unique dust-deflecting winding protection grid.

Metabo Corp. 800-638-2264.

Keep tools within reach

Keep gloves and other necessary items at your side with durable Glove Grabbers. The clips attach to clothing, belts, tool belts, and D-rings for easy access. Glove Grabbers are designed to break away at 33 lbs. without damaging the resilient acetyl copolymer clip.

Ergodyne. 800-225-8238.

Onsite computing

The Panasonic Toughbook 31 notebook computer offers desktop-performance in almost any environment. The rugged mobile computer features an Intel Core i5 or i3 processor, bright touchscreen display, with up to 11 hours of battery life. With embedded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology and an optional built-in webcam, contractors can stay connected from the office or jobsite.

Panasonic Solutions Co. 877-803-8492.

EDITOR'S PICK:Fast-cure adhesive

The HIT-HY 150 MAX-SD adhesive anchor system is designed for installing threaded rods and rebar in load-bearing and anchoring applications. The system has a curing time of 30 minutes at 68° F. It can be used with 3/8 - 1-in. diameter threaded rods or #3-#8 rebar. The system meets 2006 IBC cracked concrete performance tests and qualifies for use in all seismic zones.

Hilti. 800-879-8000.

EDITOR'S PICK:Architectural pavers

The Kensington paving stone offers an elegant, cut stone appearance with four unique, natural stone textures. Each of the large stones, ranging from 5.5x11-in. to 11x16.5-in., are 3 inches thick. They are suitable for all scales of residential and commercial applications, and can be installed manually or mechanically.

Hanson Hardscapes. 800 447 5898. .

Light up jobsites

Illuminate 200-sq.-ft. areas with the SPLED-5 solar-powered LED light. The light's 12-hour runtime battery recharges with an 8 watt solar panel during daylight hours. A day/night sensor triggers the light to come on at dusk, and a motion detector increases the light's intensity in small areas. The 16x13-in. light can be surface-mounted or affixed to a pole or rail.

Larson Electronics. 800-369-6671.

Clean new surfaces

202V Vana-Stop New Masonry cleans new masonry, including brick subject to vanadium, manganese, molybdenum, and other metallic stains. It removes residual mortar, efflorescence, jobsite soiling, and staining. Vana-Stop works on brick, natural stone, tile, exposed aggregate, and other masonry products. The combination of organic and inorganic acids, wetting agents, and inhibitors will not discolor or damage surfaces.

Diedrich Technologies, div. of Sandell Construction Solutions. 800-323-3565.

Keep tools safe and secure

Weatherguard saddle box Models 126, 117, and 116 feature new and convenient attachment points for securing tools and materials in the truck bed. Users can safeguard supplies by running a cable and lock to the truck box for extra protection. The boxes' Easy Find organization includes an adjustable metal tray, a removable parts bin, and a level holder.

Knaack Mfg. Co. 800-456-7865.

Not-so-permanent marker

The Deterge-It valve action detergent removable marker is specially formulated to be removed with a high pH cleaning solution. It is ideal for temporary applications where the finished surface needs to be pristine. It is available in seven colors, and packaged 12-per box.

Diagraph MSP, an ITW Company. 800-521-3047.

Improved battery pack

M28 lithium-ion battery packs for cordless power tools provide optimal battery life and durability. Digital Power Management provides a temperature management system and individual cell monitoring to ensure optimal charge and discharge. A side packed design, integrated weld frame, and protective rubber add durability. The M28 battery back will replace the V28 system in all of the manufacturer's cordless power tools.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. 800-729-3878.

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