Ocmer North America’s High Pressure Mixer Washout system has been made more affordable by running the washout heads in sequence rather than in parallel, to reduce the volume of water required from the pump. This, combined with reduced cost of the high pressure washout heads due to the drop in the Euro, brings its cost within range of precasters and other central mix operators.

The washout heads rotate as well as turning to give a spherical or hemispherical wash pattern with no missed areas and the high pressure, combined with high volume, really gets rid of the buildup. The picture taken at a recent install shows before and after washout following one shift of production. The washout head is seen at top, under the raised mixer cover. One to four heads are used, depending on the mixer type and size. The electrically powered pump unit comes with a 150 gallon reservoir plus hoses and fittings. The washout cycle can be fully manual, timed or remote control from the batch controller, allowing inter-batch washout water to be used in the subsequent batch. All pump components are U.S. made, allowing easy replacement; reservoir and high pressure pump are separate, allowing location in tight corners.

The kit includes a high flow, high power, heavy-duty hand wash gun, suitable for blasting deposits off hard-to-reach surfaces and general clean-up work, supplied with 20 ft hose. An extra 2-way valve can redirect pressure to a second mixer if desired, and all parts are available as separate items.

Ocmer North America a division of Scale-Tron Inc

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