Two new trade shows take the place of MCPX this year. The Precast Show will be held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Feb. 20–22. Indianapolis hosts Icon Expo at the Indiana Convention Center, Feb. 26–28. A preview of some of the exhibitors' products follows. Booth numbers were correct at time of publication.

The Precast Show

Portable concrete pump

The Upcrete Precast Pump (UPP) is a compact, portable pump designed for precasters. Developed for use with Upcrete Forming Systems, this pump fits into existing production and provides precise and variable volume. By pumping from the bottom to the top with the UPP, producers can create products with complex geometries or all-smooth sides. It is easy to use and maintain, and comes with an integrated cleaning unit. RATEC LLC. 727-363-7732.
Precast Show booth #1423.

Curing concrete pipes

The telescoping, structural design of the Telekiln System provides economical and efficient curing for concrete pipe and manholes. The curtain is progressively advanced, so pipes can be covered immediately after production. The front curtain wall lowers and raises as the cover advances, protecting products from drying winds. Fogging attachments provide ideal curing conditions. HawkeyePedershaab. 800-626-1451. Show booth #1311.

Magnetic block-out system

A custom-made steel corner assembly is the cornerstone of a new magnetic system for window and door block-outs. It features a built-in button on magnet to hold the corner on a steel casting surface, and receiving channels that can accept steel or wood side rails. This flexible, labor-saving alternative to wood block-outs solves the problem of discarding used wood. Hamilton Form. 817-590-2111. Show booth #1112.

High-strength rebar

EnduraMet 32 Stainless is a high-manganese, low-nickel, nitrogen-strengthened austenitic stainless steel. The nitrogen provides significantly higher yield and tensile strength without adversely affecting ductility, corrosion resistance, or non-magnetic properties. Applications include bridge decks and retaining walls, anchoring systems, chemical plant infrastructure, piers, and wharves. Salit Specialty Rebar. 877-299-1700. Show booth #1223.

Speedy polymer concrete

Epoxy Polymer Concrete is durable and chemical-resistant. It can be formed, poured, and placed in service within 24 hours. Polymer concrete is a fast solution for structurally repair walls of trenches while providing acid protection. It is ideal for floors, walls, trenches, sumps, beams, tank bottoms, equipment pads, and curbing. Sauereisen Inc. 412-963-0303. Show booth #309.

Pipe-to-manhole connector

PSX: Direct Drive Nitrile meets the need for a pipe-to-manhole seal for sanitary and stormwater systems where contact with hydrocarbon contamination is a concern. It meets the requirements of ASTM C 923 (for flexible pipe-to-manhole connectors for bury depths to 30 feet), as well as the oil-resistance requirements of ASTM C 443 (for oil-resistant gaskets). Press-Seal Gasket. 800-348-7325. Show booth #709.

Reshape reinforcing steel

The MiniForm 612 automatically bends and shears deformed reinforcing steel from coiled reinforcing steel. It is designed to achieve very high speeds and accurate production. A mechanical memory system with four separate size settings controls the straightening system. Straightening rolls can be quickly and easily preset, recalled, and changed to allow minimum changeover time and maximum production time. KRB Machinery Co. 800-367-5727. Show booth #1622.

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