Collect fine particles

The DustFinder DF31z vacuum collects fine dust while maintaining continuous suction. Its innovative filter technology delivers long filter life, and clean air. A simple unload valve provides several options for removing accumulated dust and debris. The vaccuum is maneuverable with a mobile cart made of steel tubing. PathFinder Concepts, LLC. 877-261-6002.

Dust control attachments

A complete line of after-market dust collectors helps meet RRP, OSHA, and EPA dust compliance regulations. The universal Dust Muzzle Ultra comes in two models to fit all grinders. Dust collectors for Skil saws and gas-powered saws are also available. Dust Collection Products. 877-223-2154.

Designed for the concrete industry

The SASE BULL 1250 heavy-duty industrial vacuum is suitable for containing large quantities of fine concrete dust. The large dust extractor with an oversized dust bin accepts standard dust bags. An easy to clean, and a shaker style filter allows for continuous operation. Sase Co. Inc. 800-522-2606.

Keep work stations clean

With reverse flow pulse jet cleaning, the DC 200 dust collector is ideal for small applications. Its steel reinforced Pleat+Plus filters with a wide and shallow pleat design can capture 99.99% of particulate matter 2.5 microns or larger. Various air stream connection options are available to suit specific jobs. Mounting frame is included. J. McCoy Equipment. 905-985-0989.

The dirt on dust

A free publication on dust collection, "A Scientific Review of Dust Collection," covers the history and development of dust collection technology, and a detailed discussion of the current state-of-the-art technologies. The 80-page manual reviews each technology's advantages and disadvantages and offers objective selection criteria for their unique application. Call or request a copy online. Scientific Dust Collectors. 708-597-7090.

Control drilling dust

Enviroboot attaches to power tools, including hammer drills, demolition and chipping hammers, and needle scalers to collect dust and debris. A vacuum port connects to a HEPA-filtered vacuum and captures dust, fibers, and paint chips at the source. It protects workers and bystanders, and reduces clean-up. Environmental Safety Solutions, LLC. 212-922-9001.

Build temporary walls

Use Dust Shield PRO poles to construct an effective dust barrier in minutes, without ladders or tape. The 360-degree pivoting bottom and magnetic fastening top allow the poles to lock screening material firmly in place. The dent-resistant poles, crafted of heavy gauge aluminum, can extend to 12 ft. and collapse to 57 in. Surface Shields, Inc. 800-754-9685.

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