The McNeilus FLEX Controls mixer system has undergone numerous advancements; two of the most notable are GradeMaster and the McNeilus Automatic Washout System.

GradeMaster detects when a truck is on an incline and automatically spins the mixing drum faster to keep the mix farther forward in the drum, slowing down again when the mixer moves off the incline. This improves fuel economy and lessens wear to the drum by only spinning it faster when necessary. Operators can concentrate on driving because GradeMaster is automatically activated based on programs set by the fleet manager within the FLEX Controls system.

The patent-pending McNeilus Automatic Washout System virtually eliminates the need to access the top of the mixer for cleaning, increasing operator assurance. The system provides a more thorough clean farther into the drum than other system on the market. It includes programmable wash times and optimized water pressure. The system cleans the hopper, collector, main chute, and both sides of the rear fins, saving time and inconsistencies in cleaning. GradeMaster and the Automatic Washout System are only available with FLEX Controls.

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