Since its introduction in early 2014, several new features have been developed for the FiberMax crane mat product line, from DICA Outrigger Pads. The new features include a static dissipation strip, corner cribbing, and additional rigging hardware options. Each upgrade is designed to improve safety, ease of use, and productivity.

FiberMax crane mats provide outstanding stability for both outrigger-enabled mobile cranes and crawler cranes in a wide variety of ground conditions. Engineered for incredible strength and rigidity, but weighing less than half the weight of steel crane mats, FiberMax crane mats have the ability to significantly reduce transportation costs and provide exceptional long term ROI.

The Static Dissipation Strip provides a path for electric current, static or otherwise, to the ground. The crane mats themselves are non-conductive, providing an insulating barrier from the equipment to the ground. The new option allows for the transfer of electrical charges to be transmitted through the equipment float into the dissipation strip to the steel frame and ultimately to the ground (assuming the mat is placed on a conductive surface.

When stacking crane mats for storage, the new Corner Cribbing feature eliminates the need for operators to place temporary cribbing between each mat. This makes stacking the mats using a forklift more efficient and eliminates pinch hazards between stacked mats.

In addition to standard J-hooks, DICA now offers three new Rigging Hardware options including standard D-Rings, optional Crosby Pivot Links, and a new Stack & Pin option. The Stack & Pin feature secures four mats together for lifting as a single unit. This feature simplifies load securement for transportation and storage purposes.

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