System for smaller washouts

The Top Dog chute washout system is designed for small washout procedures. The receptacle is equipped with a snap-shut lid that allows the driver the option of not hooking up a hose to drain it. The driver can wash the chutes, close the lid, and carry the partially full receptacle back to the holding rack for disposal back at the yard. It is ideal for pumping jobs. Concrete Slurry Solutions. 800-710-2434.

Test with accuracy

With a high-speed processor and USB port, the Gauge Buster 2 is the newest digital indicator for concrete testing in the Gauge Buster product line. It features a two-line display, 24-key tactile keypad, and state-of-the-art electronics for greater accuracy. The new indicator includes previously offered capabilities, such as printing test results and graphs to a printer and uploading data to a computer. Admet Inc. 800-667-3220.

Transport mixer to the next jobsite

Twin-shaft mixers are suitable for high outputs of pre-mixed concrete and are available in sizes ranging from 3 to 8 yds. The mixing equipment can, depending on size, processs aggregate up to 7 in. The mixer is installed on a mobile trailer, which can easily be moved or transported to the next jobsite. The smaller 3-yd. unit has one motor; larger models have two. Liebherr Concrete Technology Co. 866-879-6312.

Water heating for small or large plants

The manufacturer's water heating systems for concrete producers don't stop when the temperature drops. The systems are available in several sizes and can be configured to the size of your operation. Options include circulating pumps and storage tanks and a wide range of sizes for small to large facilities. A portable water heater is available for volumetric mixers. Sioux Corp. 888-763-8833.

Form, fill, and seal bags

The Hamer Model 2090 is a high-speed, reliable, low operator interaction machine for automated industrial bagging. It features a main belt path, and jaw and top seal design that runs at speeds of up to 34 bags per minute. With fewer than half the moving parts of previous designs, and a reduction in operator adjustments by 90%, the new model provides a consistent bagging operation. Hamer LLC. 800-927-4674.

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