Terex Mixer Truck Upgrades

DualTrac, the truck’s lighter weight rear tandem axle design allows customers to run either super single or dual tires for greater tractive effort. Inside the cab, the dashboard includes bright LED dome lights, and rear vents and louvers to improve operator visibility. Premium Package options include the Terex Total Control System, and a wireless pendant box includes push-button control of drum charge and discharge, engine throttle high/low and emergency drum stop.

Kenworth Mixer

The T880S with set-forward axle configuration is designed for fleet and truck operators in ready-mix, dump and mobile crane applications where every incremental pound of payload delivered contributes directly to the bottom line, and excellent maneuverability and visibility are valued. The T880S is available with a set-forward front axle ranging from 14,600 pounds to 22,800 pounds. The T880S is standard with the PACCAR MX-13 engine with up to 500-hp and 1,850 lb-ft of torque.

HX Mixer Trucks

Powered by Navistar N13 engines the new HX515 features a compact short hood and set-forward front axle that’s built to tackle stringent axle weight restrictions with optimal maneuverability, and an asymmetric front suspension to compensate for unequal loading of mixers. Other features include a fiberglass hood that allows for optional front frame extensions, back-of-cab transition plate to simplify mounting of mixer bodies, and the all-new DriverFirst Cab Air Suspension, designed with 52" springs to produce a comfortable and quiet ride.

Cloud Based Fleet Management

Additional features can be bundled to include digital tickets, electronic billing, sales tracking and analytics, and driver payroll management. Customers are able to access WheresMyConcrete’s up-to-the-minute information either online or through a free mobile app. Companies can also access powerful analytics offered for a detailed look at yards/man-hours, dead time, driver performance and contribution margin analyses.

Mack Transmissions

Two new features designed to improve performance and safety of trucks equipped with Mack’s mDRIVE and mDRIVE HD automated manual transmissions. Mack mDRIVE rolling start allows drivers to shift the transmission into drive without pressing the truck’s service brakes, eliminating the possibility of creating a bump, which is a critical benefit. Concrete mixers rely on remote throttle controls, by automatically shifting the mDRIVE into neutral when the parking brake is set, Mack mDRIVE auto neutral helps improve jobsite safety by reducing the possibility of the truck moving due to throttle application.

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