The truck is lighter, offers a shorter concrete charge height, and delivers the same tight turning radius characteristics as traditional Terex Advance FD/FDB front discharge mixers. Total truck weight for the FDC300 truck is reduced, the 3-axle truck design incorporates a non-driven front axle, lighter drum and drum drive, powerful 9-liter engine, and durable single frame construction to reduce weight giving the FDC300 truck a concrete payload capacity of up to 10 yd3.

The Charger series front discharge truck features a 12-ft, 4-in concrete charge height, making it 16 in shorter than traditional front discharge mixer, eliminating the need to make modifications to the ready mix plant to fill the drum.

Providing balance between durability and payload, the drum shell is constructed with 3/16-in thick AR400 brinell steel, drum positioning moved forward on the frame to offer a one-third to two-thirds weight distribution over the front and rear axles to improve driving and responsiveness.

Forward positioning of the cab gives the driver a 20% wider field of view and the truck’s lower profile delivers easier entry/exit of the cab, this new cab design offers three-point-contact access. The driver controls concrete discharge and chute positioning from inside the cab, and a new chute extension storage design provides for natural driver movements for installing/uninstalling.

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