Choose panel thickness

Producers can order foam XRV panels in thicknesses of 2 ¾, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 inches. They provide customized R-Values of up to R-66. Cavity widths from 4 to 12 inches increase design flexibility. An open web design optimizes concrete flow and consolidation. Accessory blocks include height adjusters, end caps, half-height blocks, and transition panels. Logix Insulated Concrete Forms. 888-415-6449.

Compact forms reduce waste

New 8-in.-wide, 12-in.-high Shorty forms save time and eliminate product waste for basements, and full one- and two-story walls. The standard and corner form units mirror existing 6-in.-wide form units and can be used with 16 ¾-in.-high forms in any height of wall. Build 9-ft. finished ceil­ing heights for basements, slab-on-grade, one-story, as well as frost walls and grade beams without cutting block or using height adjusters. ARXX Corp. 800-293-3210.

Avoid common problems

The IntegraSpec ICF system ad­dresses and eliminates problems such as blowouts, form unit lift, bulging, and wavy walls. Acces­sories include IntegraBucks, which create a fastening strip at the face of any opening without using wood. Slide the piece into the dovetail grooves inside any two of the system's panels to form windows, doors, and other openings with IntegraHeaders. IntegraSpec. 800-382-9102.

Forms in new sizes

A newly designed 17-in. iForm ICF allows for taller walls and additional loadbearing strength. Available in straight and 90-degree corner forms, the newest size features a 12-in. concrete core for added strength and durability. The straight form is 16-in. high and covers 5.33 sq. ft. of wall; the 90-degree form is an extended corner covering 7.33 sq. ft. of wall. Reward Wall Systems. 800-468-6344.

Insulate floors and roofs

Lite-Deck stay-in-place forms for reinforced concrete create energy- efficient floors, decks, roofs, and tilt-up projects. The insulating forms are engineered to clear spans of more than 40 ft. Residential applica­tions include multi-story flooring, decks and patios, earth-covered roofs, and safe rooms. On commercial jobs, they eliminate form stripping, use less shoring than wooden systems, and include built-in attachment rails. Lite-Form Technologies. 800-551-3313.

Pour with confidence

Greenblock ICFs are 12 in. high, for quick stacking with less cutting and jobsite waste. Web ties on 6-in. centers add strength and allow 8- to 10-ft. pour heights. The forms fit together with proprietary "friction-fit" interlocking, eliminating gluing or strapping between courses. Interior vertical channels help hold the block down to pre­vent lifting during the pour. Water dams between the nubs prevent water seepage. Fixed-web and assemble-onsite systems are avail­able. Greenblock Worldwide. 800-216-1820.

Construction-friendly blocks

Contribute to sustainable construction with an ICF wall system for residential and commercial projects. The reversible, pre-assembled ICF blocks reduce installation waste and help speed construction. Corner brackets in the 45- and 90-degree forms add strength and make ap­plying veneer finishes easier. Deep key-way connections at the ends of the block provide an improved fit during installation. Fox Blocks, Div. of Airlite Plastics Co. 877-369-2562.

Secure ICFs to concrete flooring

The V-Clip allows contractors to integrate unassembled ICF panels with concrete floor assemblies in multi-story buildings. The clip slides into the capture lugs of the panels, then securely fastens to the floor. Clips are spaced at 16-in. intervals and fastened using a Tapcon screw, nail and wire, or concrete plug and screw. V-Clips reduce additional bracing on the outside of the wall during concrete placement. Nudura Corp. 866-468-6299.