The new PC912™ is the world's first dry-cut dust control power cutter, a 12" gas-powered cut-off saw with a fully integrated Dust Collection System (DCS). This is a tool for construction professionals. Used properly it can dry-cut concrete and masonry products capturing up to 90% of the dust. 

  • No water – 100% dry cutting 
  • Cut brick, pavers, CMU, stone, tile and slabs 
  • DCS captures up to 90% of the dust
  • Quick and easy dust disposal 
  • All the benefits of a conventional cut-off saw


The PC912™ is the most innovative tool of it's kind, creating game-changing benefits for contractors: It eliminates wet-cutting.

That means contractors don't have to pay for slurry cleanup or removal or deal with the mess and hassle of cutting wet. It cuts materials dry while capturing up to 90% of the dust, so no more paying for dust cleanup every day. Also, contractors can now cut right at the work area without walking back and forth to the saw. That saves time and money. Most importantly, contractors and workers can cut materials without breathing harmful silica dust, a serious health issue that's gaining national attention as dust standards and regulations are tightening. Finally, the PC912™ creates an advantage for contractors bidding on contracts, who can offer a cleaner, safer cutting operation to potential clients. The Dust Control Power Cutter saves time and money, increases profit and productivity, protects the health and safety of workers and helps contractors earn business. It's changing the way concrete and masonry materials are cut.


  • 93cc, 6-HP, 2-Stroke Engine (EPA 3 Certified)
  • iQ Quick-Spin™ Filtration
  • Dust Containment Chamber with Easy Dust Disposal
  • Balanced, Ergonomic Design
  • 12” Premium Diamond Blade Included
  • Designed and Built in the USA

Since the first prototype the PC912™ has gone through over 18 months of iterations and systematic testing, often for periods of 6-7 hours per day in 90+ degree temperatures. With proper care and maintenance, this professional tool is designed and manufactured to hold up under demanding conditions.


iQ Power Tools was founded by brothers Joel and Paul Guth, 3rd generation masons and successful contractors for over 20 years. Like most contractors, dust and slurry was costing their business. Searching for tools that solved the dust problem they found nothing, so they began designing their own dust control power tools. Through years of iterations and innovation they became iQ Power Tools, a company built by contractors, designing and building the best dust control systems in the world. For more information and video demonstrations visit www.iqpowertools.com/pc912

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