This year's Most Innovative Products contest at World of Concrete/World of Masonry Jan. 23–26 includes some of the most creatively innovative materials and equipment to burst upon the scene since last year. These products run the gamut from big to small, from high-tech to low-tech, and from high-priced to low-priced.

To help navigate the entries, the products are categorized by primary application. Those of most interest to producers are divided into Concrete Delivery, Materials, and Production Equipment. You also will find some in Placing Equipment, Demolition and Repair, and Tools.

For a complete list of all 137 entries, visit the MIP display in the Central Lobby at the Las Vegas Convention Center near the main World of Concrete bookstore.

And then, vote for your favorites. Voting this year is quick and easy. Before arriving at the show, you can vote online at (For a shortcut to the MIP ballot, visit

Or, while you're in Las Vegas visiting the various companies at the show, mark the MIP ballot you receive with your registration materials. Then deposit the completed ballot at the MIP display, where you'll also be able to vote online if you prefer.

Some of the MIP nominees you should be especially interested in as a producer are on the following pages. World of Concrete booth numbers were correct at time of publication.

Flying bucket system

The ACT 2250 flying bucket concrete delivery system features an integral chute that eliminates the need for multiple transfer chutes and because only one chute needs cleaning, saves time and money. It also gives concrete producers the added flexibility to quickly and easily retool plant extensions with additional transfer points. They're available in single or dual-rail and roll-over type or clamshell bottom discharge. Advanced Concrete Technologies Inc. 603-431-5661. WOC booth #N219

Wireless truck tracking

Clutch Concrete is a wireless platform for providing mobile managers a blend of fleet GPS business analytics and user-defined alerts from their existing dispatch system. It extends the mobile enterprise by providing real-time wireless access to key business indicators, including late customer deliveries, onsite performance, slow-loading plants, and excessive driver startup times. Personal daily driver productivity reports are provided for each driver. Jonel Engineering. 800-432-4567. WOC booth #N911

More functions for tracking/ticketing hardware

DigiSuite provides additional functions for DigiTic and DigiTrac. DigiFleet is a real-time truck tracking solution with animated maps, providing fly-over routing and 3-D perspectives. DigiNav is a comprehensive GPS-based navigation system, eliminating the need for maps, while DigiTic-Pump transmits pump tickets to and from trucks. Additional features include credit card processing, cellular and satellite communications, vehicle inspection reports, and vehicle software updates. Paradyme Technologies. 877-624-6848. WOC booth #N2979

Concrete hardener

With the ability to enhance both air-entrained and non air-entrained concrete, Hard-Cem is an integral concrete hardener developed for ready-mix and precast concrete applications. It's a fine powder that is added to the mix during batching and reduces mass loss associated with abrasion by up to 66%. Cementec Industries Inc. 866-256-1367. WOC booth #S12411