Innovative rotary and chipping hammers

The SDS Max and Spline hammers, include two 1-3/4- in. Combination Rotary Hammers (D25602K and D25651K), two Chipping Hammers (D25831K and D25851K), and two 1-9/16-in. Combination Rotary Hammers (D25501K and D25553K). The rotary hammers deliver the comfort, control, and performance that commercial contractors demand.


Environmentally friendly joint sand for 'hardscaping'

Specially designed for use with paving stones, EnviroSAND stabilized joint sand is a combination of traditional jointing sand and organic glue made from a renewable plant resource that protects sand from washing out of the joints. EnviroSAND also deters weeds.


Safety software

Safety software electronically manages and improves safety programs. The software tracks safety meetings, inspections, and incidents and then provides reporting companywide. Features include a dashboard that provides key indicators across all jobs instantly, while alerting the user to the areas that require immediate attention, training scheduling and skills certification, safety analysis, trend analysis, and incident management.


Stretch wrap film resists tearing

Logo Wrap ensures no load goes unnoticed and no brick and paver manufacturer loses the opportunity to advertise its product just because it is on a stretch wrapped pallet. Custom-printed film is visible from all sides of a pallet and resists normal wear and tear associated with handling.

ITW Muller. 800-628-6787.

Luminaries for outdoor public spaces

Multipurpose luminaries with a compact design provide a wide variety of reflectors, lamps, and accessories for outdoor public spaces. Four refracting lenses adjust 360 degrees and make it possible to obtain beams with an oblong or a square design.

Schréder Lighting. 847.621.5100.