Conveyor for ready-mix trucks

The front Discharge Mixveyor is a versatile way to deliver ready-mixed concrete. The operator controls and positions the conveyor, which is mounted to the front of a ready-mix truck. The conveyor can pour from up to 36 ft. away in a 220-degree arc around the truck and up to a 16-in. elevation. A 13-ft.telescoping system and pivoting discharge hopper provide additional fl exibility. Shumaker Industries. 800-326-9349.

Chillers save refrigerant

An improved line of lower capacity water chillers forcooling concrete is available from Pearson Systems Inc.Units have cooling capacities from 200 to 1300 yds. perday, in stationary, mobile, and combination chiller-heatingsystem models. They include a durable, all-aluminumtruck-type radiator condenser coil instead of a traditionalcoil. This reduces operating weight by 25% with asmaller, more compact footprint. It is easier to maintainand reduces refrigerant charge by 60%. Pearson HeatingSystems. 410-827-8027.

Pervious admixture

MAR VSC500 is the manufacturer's fi rstadmixture formulated specifi cally forpervious concrete. The liquid admixture,which incorporates a patented biopolymer,is designed to enable the production ofquality pervious concrete by imparting anenhanced past rheology and controlling thehydration of cementitious materials. Advantagesinclude consistent quality, enhancedproductivity, broader moisture tolerance,reduced evaporation, and uniform compaction.Grace Construction Products. 877-423-6491.

Track production

The Accu Printer II (AP2) allows users to track volumetricmixer production. The AP2 uses touchscreen technologyand an industrially tested PLC. The touchscreen ishoused in a custom enclosure with a scratch-resistantouter Acrylic window, is built to withstand the rigors of anindustrial environment, and comes with a standard andeasily replaceable anti-glare screen. Cemen Tech. 800-247-2464.

Washers, cleaners brochure

A new brochure is available for the EM-SeriesAll-Electric line of hot water pressure washersand steam cleaners. The brochure features newphotos, details of product features, and a listingof the current model numbers. Standard modelsare available with 50 Hz or 60 Hz electricalsand with any voltage used worldwide. SiouxCorp. 888-763-3333.

Strong, durable bulk trailer

The new APBE 1600 External Ring Pneumatic Bulk trailer is light, strong, and maneuverable. Itsnew external ring design not only reduces the number of places inside the tank where productbuild-up can occur but, combined with a new thicker aluminum body shell, it also increases thestrength and durability of the tank. Trail King Industries. 800-843-3324.