A year-over-year sales increase for Kenworth vocational trucks reflects growing construction activity, increased oil and gas production, and encouraging new housing starts figures, according to Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director.

Demand also is being driven by concrete producers, construction companies, contractors, and building suppliers operating old 2004 and 2007 EPA engine units that need to be replaced with new trucks.

“As a result, we’ve seen strong interest in our new Kenworth T880 vocational flagship truck that began full production at the start of 2014,” Swihart said. “The T880 is expected to soon represent about 50 percent of Kenworth’s vocational truck production.”

Vocational truck buyers are choosing the Kenworth T880 because of its increased driver comfort from a wider and quieter cab with its triple-sealed and robust doors, increased visibility from the panoramic, one-piece windshield, and best-in-class forward lighting systems. Buyers also appreciate the T880’s integrated powertrain packages.

“For example, the PACCAR MX-13 engine coupled with an automatic or automated transmission helps remove some stress from the overall driving experience, especially for younger, more inexperienced drivers,” he said. “Plus, the Kenworth T880 is more comfortable to drive, offers better seats and pedal placement, and possesses excellent maneuverability. The result is a more comfortable work environment, and a comfortable driver is a more productive driver.”

And productivity is really what’s it’s all about when it comes to vocational trucks.

“The Kenworth T880 is a dependable, versatile truck capable of performing the toughest jobs productively and efficiently. In the final analysis, the truck with the most turns done in a single day is what will help vocational truck operators win the day. For most vocational truck fleets, even the equivalent of one more load delivered each day through increased payload capacity is going to make the biggest difference in your bottom line,” said Swihart.

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