On-Delivery is written for and compatible with most Android devices. Paired with Keystone Dispatch it delivers the capabilities producers need to schedule and track drivers and trucks on one screen including truck routing, asset tracking, dispatch ticket information, pre- and-post trip data collection, and continuous order/status updates throughout the delivery process.

Implemented into daily ready-mix driver operations, its flexibility streamlines essential driver tasks to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. It’s design is responsive and easy to use with a multitude of functions that provide an immediate overview of vital driver delivery information from plant to job site that can be leveraged from virtually anywhere including:TRUCK ROUTING:
Voice guidance and visual navigation to and from the job site.
Truck specific routing to and from the job site based on dimensions and weight of vehicle.
Utilizes latest traffic information to provide minimal travel time between the plant and the job site.
Automatic re-routing during transit if traffic conditions change on route.
Displays current speed limit with audible warning if travelling above the limit.
Updates Keystone GPS with vehicle location and status.
Keystone Office Driver Id login to accurately track driver hours in Keystone Accounting.
All relevant ticket information the driver needs.
Product display including mix batch weights.
Drivers can update their status which notifies Keystone Dispatch and GPS in real-time.
Drivers can enter odometer reading, fuel, etc. to provide easier reporting and data collection for their business.


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