The advantages of using the Greenstar BLOX® system are numerous. In addition to being a FEMA certified Safety Shelter Component; the sustainable building material possesses properties such as fire, water, termite, mold, and ballistics resistance. Because of its high insulation factor and thermal mass it provides tremendous savings in heating and cooling costs during the lifetime of a structure compared to conventional construction. The simplicity of the building system saves money (as much as 20% compared to conventional construction) throughout the construction process by eliminating the need for numerous building materials and crews, and eliminating the amount of waste going to a landfill from a job site. Using conventional masonry construction methods; Greenstar BLOX® are laid by course, just like any other block or brick.

The mortar used in construction is the same material as the Greenstar BLOX®, creating a monolithic structure; this same material is the base, or scratch coat without the use of metal lathe. Cuts can be made easily in the field to install electrical and plumbing or achieving the proper size block. A finish plaster system is recommended to seal the exterior surfaces. The interior wall finishes are limitless, ranging from earthen clays to paints. High Insulating - Thermal and Acoustic Insulation -R Value up to 3.2/Inch. FEMA-certified Safety Shelter Component - Tested to withstand extreme hurricane and tornado wind strengths. Superior Strength - High performing elastic modulus includes uniaxial compression, flexural, and tensile strengths. Inherent Sound Properties - Creates sound abatement and ideal acoustics. Simple Construction - Standard masonry construction, quick install with minimal skills.

Termite/Rodent Resistant- More insect and pest resistant than wood framed construction. Reduces Materials/Labor Costs – “One Material, one crew. Framers, sheet rockers, tape, float, texture, and insulation crews all eliminated.” – Zach Rabon, President Ballistics Resistant - Superb ability to absorb impact. Greenstar BLOX® can also be coated with specialty membranes to enhance this performance. Non-Combustible/Fire Resistant – 2 hour fire rating (ASTM E-119) Made from Recycled Materials - 65% Recycled Cellulose. Sources include newsprint, phonebook, lottery tickets, paper mill sludge, and other cellulose blended materials. Contributes to LEED Certification Water & Mold Resistant - Greenstar BLOX® perform like any standard masonry unit. No EPS or Petroleum - Removing the possibility of off-gassing Mason Greenstar Inc. and their patented Greenstar BLOX® technology possess the ability to solve many of the world’s waste paper issues that fill landfills.

Residual savings on energy in a Greenstar BLOX® home are estimated to be up to fifty percent compared to a conventionally constructed home of equal size. In 2013, Mason Greenstar, Inc. moved from manual production into automated manufacturing of Greenstar BLOX®. The patented Greenstar BLOX® mix is cast into various shapes, sizes, and forms to manufacture products designed to construct homes, buildings, storm-shelters, and retaining walls, along with many other applications. The versatility of the technology and benefits of automation (precise dimensions, batch consistency, quality control, etc.) allow Mason Greenstar, Inc. to present a variety of products from a structural block to a veneer brick.

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