TEMPERATURES HAVE NOT been the only thing on the rise this summer. Construction activity is also trending upward. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, construction spending in June hit $842 billion — a 7% increase from June 2011, and the highest since late 2009. At the half-year mark, orders for construction materials and supplies were up 7% compared to the first half of 2011, and construction machinery orders were 1% higher.

Investing in the nuts and bolts of production, such as the following material handling equipment, will prepare producers for higher demands in the future. To read more about the equipment producers have purchased or plan to buy this year, turn to page 26.

Chemical and abrasion protection Rhino Hyde Spray 8500AR polyurea elastomer is ideal for protecting bulk material handling equipment. Apply it to slurry tanks, weigh hoppers, and chute liners to create a cohesive, seamless membrane that protects against abrasion, sticking, and hydrolysis in concrete and aggregate applications. The coating can be built up to a 1-in. thickness in one application. Tandem Products Inc. 800-533-0509. www.tandemproducts.com

Protect palletized materials The company's Edge-Protectors shield and protect precast panels, block, and brick during shipping and storage. The shields are fabricated from 3/16-in. heavy-duty polyethylene and molded with carbon black to resist UV rays and provide a longer useful life. Deslauriers Inc. 800-743-4106. www.deslinc.com

Measure materials in 3D The 3DLevelScanner HE measures levels of challenging materials such as clinker, alumina, and fly ash. Scanners are mounted in strategic locations identified by proprietary software. Each sensor sends pulses in a 70-degree beam angle, taking multiple measurements from the material surface and mapping the material surface to detect changes in level, accounting for uneven surface topography, and calculating accurate volume estimates. BinMaster, a div. of Garner Industries. 800-278-4241. www.binmaster.com 

Monitor weight and materials The SiloWeight.Net inventory management and control system monitors the weight of material in solos and vessels across a very wide area. Temperature compensated bolt-on, strain-gauge sensors on all legs send data via a digital transmitter at each silo to the local computer network, where graphic displays can be viewed on any computer. Scale-Tron Inc. 800-632-7083. www.scaletron.com 

Palletizing bulk bag filler The Bulk Bag Filling Line automatically dispenses pallets, fills bulk bags by weight, and accumulates filled bags for removal by forklift. A 15-pallet dispenser releases pallets onto a roller conveyor for positioning beneath a bulk bag filler. Flexicon Corp. 888-353- 9426. www.flexicon.com  

High-speed bag-filling system The ADAMS 2-12 rotating high-performance bag-filling system comes with two to 12 filling spouts, depending on production requirements. Bag application and removal are synchronized with continuous packing operation. Optional upgrades include product compaction and weighing features. Haver Filling Systems Inc. 770-760-1130. www.haverusa.com 

Turn leftovers into usable products The Waste Wizard separator organizes piles of mixed debris into sorted wood, aggregate, plastic, silt, and more. The three-stage process includes shaker screening to sort the fines, air separation with variable air flow to pull light materials, and water separation to separate heavy materials. GrinderCrusherScreen Inc. 770-433-2670. www.grindercrusherscreen.com 

Automatic, ergonomic bag-filling system The company's bulk bag filling process system includes automated pallet introduction, automated material supply metering, precision bag weighing, and automated, filled-bag accumulation conveyors. One operator can process 20, 4500-lb. bulk bags or 90,000 lbs. of dry bulk material per hour. National Bulk Equipment. 616-399-2220.  www.nbe-inc.com 

Track-mounted radial stacker Geotrek Conveyors are self-contained units with 77-hp diesel engines that supply hydraulic power to the tracks, drive, raise, and fold functions. The 42-in.-wide, 80-ft.-long conveyors can be used for bulk material loading, or directly linked with portable crushing and screening equipment. The units can also function as mobile transfers or link conveyors. Superior Industries. 800-321-1558. www.superior-ind.com 

Pipe extended vibrating sensor The Model VHS vibrating rod level sensor is available in a pipe extended version with an 18- to 118-in. insertion length, ideal for top mounting installations. The extended unit features universal AC/ DC power supply, low-density detection capability, and high-quality design and construction. It operates with dry, free-flowing powders and free-flowing granular materials. BlueLevel Technologies. 888-615-3835. www.blueleveltechnologies.com 

Control material conditions  The Ag-Flow Heating and Cooling System reduces the effects of bad weather on production and mix designs by heating aggregates in winter and conditioning them the rest of the year. The computer-controlled system regulates temperature, blower speed, and cycle times for each bin. Mixer Systems. 800-756-4937. www.mixersystems.com  

Portable cement hopper The company's portable, top-loading cement hopper features a built-in bag breaker, folding incline ladder with platform, and a sock ridge on the discharge hopper. Forklift pockets and adjustable leg height facilitate silo assembly. The hopper has a 220-cu.-ft. capacity. Imperial Industries Inc. 800-558-2945. www.imperialind.com

Tank hopper weighing systems The new CenterPoint series tank/hopper scales utilize double-ended shear beam stainless steel load cells with center load design for optimum  mixing, blending, batching, inventory control, and general weighing. The CenterPoint load cell kits may be combined with one of the manufacturer's 200 series weight indicators for a complete digital weighing system. Cardinal Scale Manufacturing. 800-441-4237. www.cardinalscale.com

Bag loading station The Bulk Bag Loading Station comes standard a with a heavy-duty carbon steel box tubing frame, custom-built to handle almost any weight or size bulk bags.  Features include bag inflator, electronic scale, and integral dust collection/suppression. The loading station is ideal for over/under collection from screening. Cyclonaire Corp. 888-593-6241. www.cyclonaire.com

Level sensor for batch plants The SafePoint rotary paddle level sensor continuously monitors its own function for sensor health and system power failure. The pipe extension model is a practical solution for batch processes that occasionally require minor modifications or fine tuning of recipes during initial commissioning. Monitor Technologies LLC. 800-601-6302. www.monitortech.com

Batch plant repair and replacement  The company's experienced staff assesses plants' repair/refurbishing needs, addressing equipment and components such as bins, silos, hoppers, weigh systems, radial stackers, conveyors, and transfer systems. They provide onsite repair kits for plants, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer. Where more extensive work is needed, the company can supply full component replacement at one of its manufacturing facilities. Besser Co. 800-530-9991. www.besser.com