The new solution simplifies crushing operations, incorporates significant noise protection and cuts dust emissions minimizing the impact for people living and working around construction sites.

From occupational health and safety perspective, 85 decibels is the most common level defined that requires ear protection, with the noise-protected Lokotrack Urban LT106, the required protection distance drops up to 60% from 23-25 meters to 9-11 meters (from 75'-82' to 30'-36'). Outside this area, the sensory impact on the human ear can be even more significant.

In addition to low noise emissions, the Lokotrack Urban series includes a dust suppression system. The dust is funneled to stay inside the mobile crushing plant and a high-pressure water spraying system absorbs most dust particles from the air. The environmental features integrated into the mobile plant do not require any special maintenance. The crushing plant is easy to move from one site to another.

Metso Corp.

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