With so many exhibitors and so little time, producers can make things easier on themselves by spending extra time at the Producer Center in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

More than 200 exhibitors will show off their admixtures, batch plants, and other products and services geared especially for concrete producers. THE CONCRETE PRODUCER, the official publication of the Producer Center, is previewing the products from some of these exhibitors. Booth numbers were correct at time of publication.

For a complete list of exhibitors and updated booth information, visit www.worldofconcrete.com.

ICFs fold for shipping

Flexx Block pre-assembled ICFs fold flat for convenient shipping and handling. To streamline finishing, continuous furring strips are concealed every 6 inches inside the 2-inch EPS sidewalls. The blocks are 16x48 inches, for rapid assembly, and feature positive interlocks. Available in 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-inch concrete wall widths. Lite-Form Technologies. 800-551-3313. www.liteform.com. WOC Booth #N736.

E-mail from your plant

Plant Watcher is an Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence module that can be configured to connect to all the CommandBatch systems on your company's network. It provides real-time event notification alerts for gross over and under tolerance and material and mix file modifications. It also can be used to send daily scheduled reports to detail plant production, material use, plant efficiency, and scheduled and performed plant maintenance information. Command Alkon. 800-624-1872. www.commandalkon.com. WOC Booth #N1037.

Portable batch plant

Arriving at the jobsite pre-wired and pre-plumbed, the LoGo 10 Portable Transit Mix Batch Plant is a single trailer configuration with a fifth wheel hitch for easy transportation. The 45-cu-yd, four-compartment aggregate bin is standard in in-line or cross-bin configuration, as is a 10-cu-yd batcher and a 30-inch-wide batch belt. The self-contained hinged cement section enables quick installation. Rexcon LLC. 414-351-7000. www.rexcon.com. WOC Booth #N224.

Vibrator for ready-mix trucks

The Chute Vibrator is designed for ready-mix truck chutes and is available in three models—the pneumatic turbine vibrator CHV-25, the lightweight 12 V DC vibrator CHV-6, and the pneumatic piston vibrator CHV-501. They easily move low-slump and pervious concrete without raking, even at low angles. They include all parts and accessories. The CHV-25 and CHV-6 feature silent operation while the CHV-501 consumes little air. Vibco Inc. 800-633-0032. www.vibco.com. WOC Booth #N270.

Environmentally friendly ICFs

Logix insulating concrete forms are made of 2 ¾-inch-thick EPS foam in all form sizes, which results in increased strength, greater quietness, and energy savings. They produce little or no waste and are not dependent on depletable resources like wood. These environmentally friendly ICFs do not require the chemical treatments that wood does, resulting in lower emissions and reducing the exposure to molds and toxins. Logix Insulated Concrete Forms. 888-415-6449. www.logixicf.com.Circle 6. WOC Booth #N711.

Environmentally friendly cements

The Envirocore product line contains nine different product families, all environmentally friendly and meeting the company's sustainable development initiatives. Products include slag cement/portland cement blends, hydraulic cements, pozzolan portland cement blends, fly ash/portland cement blends, and masonry/mortar cements. The line also has hydraulic binders containing materials such as portland and slag cement, fly ash, and cement kiln dust. Holcim (US) Inc. 800-854-4656. www.holcim.us. WOC Booth #N747.

USA-made planetary mixer

Mixer Systems now offers a planetary mixer manufactured in the United States. The counter-current rotating action of the mixing arms can produce a uniform batch of concrete, aggregate, liquid, and other materials in as little as 30 seconds. Being domestically made provides several benefits, such as shortening delivery time to weeks instead of months. Electrical systems also are built for the United States' industrial environment and do not require rewiring. Mixer Systems Inc. 800-756-4937. www.mixersystems.com. WOC Booth #N724.