It's a presidential election year, and our readers have been casting their own votes. The following products have received the most reader service requests in the past 12 months. If you liked them once, you'll like them again. Circle the reader service number for more information.

Reduce cracks

UltraFiber 500 alkali-resistant cellulose fiber reduces cracks and maintains superior finishing. With more than 700 million fibers per pound, it meets code evaluations. The chips readily disperse into individual fibers when mixed with concrete. Buckeye Technologies. 866-663-8999.

Cart-away supply

At 1.75 cu. yd., the MixKing concrete mixing trailer has a 50% larger capacity than the company's standard mixing trailer. The trailer has all the features of the standard Cart-Away 1-yd. trailer, which has been well-received in the rental and landscape markets. Cart-Away Supply. 800-909-9809.

Internal drum treatment

Fusion has eliminated the need for drum chipping. It bonds to create a barrier that will not allow concrete to stick to the internal walls and fins of the drum. Treatments take less than an hour to apply, do not require entry into the drum, and last for up to 2000 yds. of delivered concrete. It is OEM-tested and approved and safe on all DOT pours. EMS—Environmental Manufacturing Solutions. 877-424-6979.

Fast-setting cements

Rapid Set fast-setting cement products achieve structural or drive-on strength in one hour. Applications include concrete casting, repair of highways and bridges, airport pavements, parking structures, concrete pavements, industrial floors, new slab construction, formed concrete work, and grouting. CTS Cement Mfg Corp./Rapid Set Products. 800-929-3030.

Rapid mold assembly

Columbia Machine's Mold Assembly Table is designed to help speed mold assembly while providing a true surface that results in properly assembled molds and longer parts life. This simple tool streamlines concrete molding and saves money. It comes with standard built-in channel rails for tool storage, a mold assembly kit, and a color mold assembly manual. Columbia Machine. 800-628-4065.

Permeable material

Geofoam SP enables the production of pervious cellular lightweight concrete from 20 to 40 lbs/cu. ft. A permeable, open-cell material, the product reduces hydraulic pressure and dead load, stabilizes soil, and filters contaminants from the soil. Applications include sports fields, golf courses, backfill, parking lots, void filling, landscaping, and pavement subbase. Cellular Concrete. 888-235-5015.