The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute's (CRSI) new Products & Services catalog contains a multitude of resources for precast concrete producers and design and construction professionals who rely on reinforcement products and supplies.

The catalog has ordering information on essential publications, software, and technical resources. Included is information on the CRSI Design Handbook, Manual of Standard Practice, Reinforced Concrete Fire Resistance, and on CD-ROM, Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement.

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Shear reinforcement system

Lenton Steel Fortress shear reinforcement system provides a simple, economical solution to brittle punching shear. It easily ties to the top layer of the main reinforcing bar and meets or exceeds ASTM A505-87 with a minimum yield strength of 72,500 psi and a minimum elongation of 11%. It quickly installs over the uppermost layer of main reinforcing bars and easily accommodates unexpected design changes and irregular rebar placement. ERICO Inc. 800-248-2677. booth 244.

Coupler ensures proper installation

The Dayton/Richmond Bar-Lock coupler system is a simple, cost effective method for splicing smooth or deformed rebar. It uses lock-shear bolts and serrated grip rails to mechanically splice the bar. The heads of the bolts are designed to shear off at a prescribed torque to ensure proper installation. Bar-Lock. 800-745-3700.

High-strength rebar

MMFX steel reinforcement bars have a microstructure fundamentally different from conventional steel, providing improved strength and better corrosion resistance. This can result in significant labor savings and using less steel in precast or cast-in-place applications. MMFX Steel Corp. of America. 866-752-9155.

Not your standard grid

Varigrid is a welded wire reinforcement product that allows you to vary the mesh spacing, depending where you need it most. It is available in plain, deformed, galvanized, or epoxy-coated for precasters or cast-in-place producers. It eliminates hand tying individual bars, speeds construction time, and reduces steel waste. Ivy Steel & Wire. 800-254-0080. PCI Booth 326.

Cold-swaged splices

The BarGrip system uses powerful hydraulic presses for cold-swaged splices in the field or in the shop. It creates a positive mechanical interlock and works with all bar sizes, including black, galvanized, or epoxy-coated rebar-for new construction or retrofit. Barsplice Products Inc. 973-275-8700.

Rebar resists chloride attack

Offering superior corrosion resistance and long service life, the Reval stainless steel ribbed reinforcing bar can significantly reduce the harmful effects of chloride attack on roads, bridges, and buildings. It provides high-strength levels, low life-cycle cost, and high ductility. It is also available as mesh sheets and stainless steel tie wire. Valbruna Stainless Inc. 800-381-3691. www.valbruna

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