Galvanized reinforcing

High-quality, pre-galvanized reinforcing bar and welded wire reinforcement can be cut and fabricated by precast producers in-house. Bars are individually hot dip galvanized, then processed to remove all sharp edges and burrs. ASTM 767-compliant mill bundles are shipped direct. South Atlantic LLC. 910-332-1900.

Raise and secure rebar

The BIPTilt-Up Chair's design allows for raising the bar and securing the intersections at the same time, reducing labor costs. The four-point gray chair comes in multiple bar sizes and heights. It is exclusively distributed in North America by PrimeSource Building Products under the GripRite brand. BIP Company. 800-399-9260.

Tie rebar quickly

With a 14.4v lithium-ion battery, the new RB397 rebar tying tool can tie rebar up to #5 x #6 and complete up to 2000 ties per charge. Simple operation reduces potential wrist damage. It features a trigger lock, torque adjustment dial, reversible belt hook, carrying case, automatic shut-off when not in use, and comes standard with charger and battery pack. Max USA Corp. 800-223-4293.

Connect various rebar sizes

Viper-Lok rebar spacers connect rebar of various sizes, from #3 to #6, in any combination, both vertically and horizontally. The spacers install easily, without tying, and also function as form standoffs. They are ideal for connecting epoxy coated rebar. Available with 1-, 1 ½ -, 2-in., or no standoff. Polylok Inc. 877-765-9565.

Automatic mesh welding lines

Fabricate wire mesh in-house with automatic mesh welding lines that feature user-friendly software and advanced operation monitoring systems. The PLR Basic Series can produce small to medium mesh sizes from precut bars, ranging from 12 to 32 mm in diameter. The PLR Compact Series feeds line wires from coils through a straightening and multi-roller feeding unit. Eurobend SA. +30-210-807-7775.

High-performance fibers

The company's line of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fibers provide short- and long-term crack control in low doses. In high doses, they reduce the need for steel and/or wire mesh, and provide a rust-free solution that reduces equipment wear, labor, time, and material costs. PVA fibers offer higher ductility than steel fibers without sharp fiber protrusions or rust staining. Nycon Corp. 800-456-9266.

Mechanical coupler

Sleeve-Lock Grout Sleeve, a one-piece mechanical coupler designed to butt-splice reinforcing steel in concrete structures, accommodates rebar sizes #4 to #18. It exceeds Type 2 (160% spec yield) performance when used with the company's SL Grout. Port sizes accept standard PVC pipe, while positioning fins keep rebar centered. Dayton Superior Corp. 888-977-9600.

Strong, reliable support

Hercules Chair rebar supports allow concrete to flow in and around the stands, and will not collapse during a pour. Rebar snaps easily into position without wire tying, and the chairs are strong enough to support walking on the grid. #911 has a 1 ½-in. clearance for #4 rebar, and #912 has a 3-in. clearance for # 4 and # 5 rebar. T.J. Harris Co. 865-633-9955.

Continuous reinforcement stirrups

Spirex continuous stirrups are made of a single piece of steel rod for easy and fast application. The stirrups' vertical arms are always perpendicular to the main reinforcement, and horizontal arms allow rebar pitch to vary according to project requirements. The continuous design offers more resistance to shear and bending effects than traditional stirrups, as it cannot open under load. Schnell SpA. +39-0721878711

ICF ledge reinforcement

The xLerator insulating concrete form ledge reinforcement system supports slabs, floors, and other structural features. The one-piece wire reinforcement drops into a pre-formed slot in the company's iForm or eForm ledge and taper top forms, eliminating the need for extra rebar or stirrups. Reward Wall System. 800-468-6344.

Welded grid speeds assembly

The BauGrid reinforcement system eliminates congestion during installation and cage fabrication, saving time and labor. One BauGrid transverse welded reinforcement grid replaces many pieces of conventional hoops and crossties to reduce material cost. The grid is made with high-strength steel of 75ksi yield strength. BauTech Inc. 949-361-0888.

Cut and bend rebar with one machine

The Model FR-800-C machine cuts and bends up to 1-in. (#8) rebar. Use it on a jobsite or in the shop to fabricate stirrups and hooks, create 3-D bends, and cut bars to length. The machine plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet. Fascut Industries Inc. 608-643-3841.

Galvanized pile tops

Round sheet metal forms for auger cast piles, micropiles, caissons, and light pole or tower bases are available in a variety of diameters and shapes. The precut steel forms save time and minimize waste since no paper has to be removed after concrete is poured. Pile Protection Tops. 913-626-6911.

Strong, lightweight rebar

Carbon (CFRP) V-ROD rebar is available in #2 to #5 bars. With tensile strength up to 1900 MPa (275 ksi), the product weighs four times less than steel and can be manufactured in lengths up to 50 ft. #4 V-ROD can be used with its Fiberlok prestressing accessories, including copper sleeves, anchor sets, preseating devices, replacement wedges, and replacement barrels. Pultrall. 418-335-3202.

Control cracks

The company's steel fibers offer enhanced crack-arresting ability, with a higher fiber count to permit better distribution throughout the concrete matrix. As a crack progresses though the matrix, the chance of it being stopped by the presence of a fiber increases. Use the fibers when crack propagation is the most important design consideration. Fibercon International. 800-521-9908.

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