A little more than a year ago, ASTM International Committee C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates approved a new standard to help increase the use of fibers in concrete construction. The standard facilitates post-crack performance measurement for fiber-reinforced concrete for slabs-on-grade, pavement, pre-cast, and shotcrete.

The test is ASTM C 1609/C 1609M–Test Method for Flexural Performance of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (Using Beam With Third-Point Loading), which is monitored by C09.42 on Fiber-Reinforced Concrete.

“We hope to see C 1609/C 1609M prescribed by design engineers and used by test laboratories to test fiber-reinforced concrete on contract to construction contractors,” said Stefan Bernard, a C09 member. Other users will include fiber manufacturers and research labs.

This specification covers fiber-reinforced concrete delivered to a purchaser with the ingredients uniformly mixed and that can be sampled and tested at delivery. It does not cover the placement, consolidation, curing, or protection of the fiber-reinforced concrete after delivery.

Bulk fiber dispensers

Sicoma's fiber dispensers accept bulk fiber, dispensing it by weight into a mixer or holding hopper. Various sizes and models are available, depending on the type of fiber and volume to be dispensed. The dispenser also can be controlled from a batch controller, allowing the fiber to be proportioned in any desired ratio. Sicoma North America. 800-921-7559. www.sicoma.biz..

Structural synthetic fiber

Forta Ferro structural synthetic fiber reduces plastic shrinkage cracking and improves concrete's impact strength. The extra-heavy-duty, long-length fiber consists of a twisted bundle, non-fibrillating mono-filament, and a fibrillating network fiber that work together to offer long-term durability and structural enhancements. Forta Corp. 800-245-0306. www.fortacorp.com..

Dispenser adds continuously

The Elite II fiber dispenser installs easily, integrates with existing batching controls, and features two bins that let you choose from two types of fibers. The pressure vacuum delivery system adds fiber to the mix continuously for better dispersion and reduced clumping. VM Fiber Feeder Inc. 941-342-9997. www.vmfiberfeeder.com..

Fiber feeder reduces errors

The AccuFeeder fiber dispensing system is a safe, easy, and efficient way to add fiber for secondary reinforcement to concrete. It eliminates loading steps by propelling fibers into the stream of concrete materials while the truck charges. It also reduces the chances for human error, cuts waste, and ensures the customer's order is right. Propex Concrete Systems. 800-621-1273. www.fibermesh.com..

Fibrillated polypropylene fibers

PSI Fibrillated Fibers are high-strength, 100% virgin polypropylene synthetic fibers engineered and manufactured for use as secondary reinforcement in concrete. The fibers protect concrete from stresses that cause cracking during the first 24 hours after placement and meet ASTM specifications. PSI Fibers. 877-858-5671. www.psifibers.com..

Fiber for flexural toughness

Performax Synthetic Macro Reinforcing Fiber provides excellent crack control, increased flexural toughness, and better resistance to abrasion and shattering. As a replacement for welded wire fabric or light-gauge steel, the fiber improves concrete's long-term durability and integrity, and it complies with ASTM C-1116. PGI Performance Concrete Fibers. 800-821-4391. www.pgifibers.com..

Synthetic macro fibers

Strux 85/50 synthetic macro fibers add toughness, impact, and fatigue resistance to concrete. These 2-inch fibers are designed for easy use and disperse rapidly into the mix. Suitable for ready-mix, precast, and shotcrete applications, they won't affect the concrete's hydration or compressive strength. Grace Construction Products. 877-423-6491. www.graceconstruction.com..

Dosing system works with any fibers

Incite Fiber Dosing System uses a vibrating tray to add the fibers to the concrete mix via a conveyor belt directly into the ready-mix truck, central mixer, or dosed onto the aggregate belt. It works with glued or loose steel fibers as well as poly-propylene fibers. Inventure Systems. 905-833-2100. www.inventure-systems.com..

Reduce cracks

UltraFiber 500 alkali-resistant cellulose fiber reduces cracks and maintains superior finishing. With more than 700 million fibers per pound, it meets code evaluations. The chips readily disperse into individual fibers when mixed with concrete. Buckeye Technologies. 866-663-8999. www.bkitech.com..

Structural fiber

Kuralon RSC is a new polyvinyl alcohol structural fiber that reduces long-term shrinkage cracking in concrete by 40% or more, representing a 50% improvement over polypropylene fibers at half the dosage. The bond between the PVA fiber and concrete is 300% greater than that of polypropylene, fiberglass, or steel fibers. Nycon Inc. 800-456-9266. www.nycon.com..

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